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Tuesday, 18 December 2018


You will find in this article the collection of twrp for Itel Androids. The lisk will be updated constantly as soon as any new twrp for a particular Itel model is available. Guide on how to insatll will be available in the Howto sectionIn most cases, you can flash TWRP or any other custom recovery either via fastboot , as a stock rom part, using special apks like rashr(with root access).
Below is our list of TWRP for some Itel Android phones















Most Android users like to have a cool look in their recovery, and will like to customize their Android device. Installing a custom recovery is will come in handy in customizing ones Android with features like; root, custom OS, etc.
With Android being and open source system, the limits to its customization are infinite. Manufacturers only tend to deliver certain unique features to specific devices and that’s just about what a regular user would get. So, if you want to add some more features, customize the appearance of the OS, or want to shift to another firmware altogether, you will need a few things. To start with, you will first have to unlock the phone’s bootloader, which will enable you to install a custom recovery.
Here in this article we will be guiding you on how to install twrp on your Android via fastboot.


For this tutorial, we will be needing;
  1. TWRP for the device in question. You can get twrp from here
  2. ADB + Fastboot in your computer. Get adb+fastboot here
  3. A computer
  4. A USB cable
  5. Drivers for your device.

Why install twrp

Installing a custom recovery in your device;- twrp will enable you to customize your device in the following ways;
  1. Install zip for root or system update.
  2. Make NANDroid backup of your system
  3. Flash stock rom
  4. Restore backup
  5. And much more…

Installing twrp via fastboot

To accomplish this, please follow the guide below.
    1. Download  and install your device drivers.
    2. Download adb + fastboot and extract to a working folder, say C:\adb
    3. Copy the twrp image you downloaded for your device to the “adb” folder.
    4. Open work folder and press SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK, then select open a new command line here
    5. Connect your device to the pc and allow it to install drivers, including adb drivers.
    6. Now go to setting>>Abou Phone>>Build number, and click on it until you get the message “You are now a developer”
    7. Head back to the settings and click on Developer’s setting.
    8. Under developer’s settings, turn it on and activate OEM unlock & USB Debugging.
    9. Reconnect your phone to PC vai usb.
    10. In command line, type the command “adb devices”. You will get a prompt in your device asking to authorize connection. Grant connection. After which you should see your device connection status in the command window.
    11. Next type the code “adb reboot bootloader” this will reboot your device in to fastboot mode.
    12. In Fastboot, use the command “fastboot devices” to verify connection status. 
    13. If devoce well detected, proceed to unlocking your bootloader with the command “fastboot oem unlock”
    14. Next flash twrp image with the command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”
NB: You can name the twrp to what ever you want but make sure not to change the extension;- .img.  In our above code, our twrp is names “recovery”.
After following all the above steps properly, your device should now have a custom recovery installed.

Installing twrp via fastboot on mtk devices will format your device, so it is adviceable to make a bckup of your data before flashing.


Flashing a Custom Rom usually entails one installing a custom recovery image. In this article, we will be providing you with direct download links for some Alcatel TWRP image files which can be flashed either as a rom partition or flashed via fastboot after unlocking the bootloader of the device in question if need be(not all Alcatel Android come with a locked bootloader).

What is TWRP?

Android devices come with a default recovery and this recovery is termed stock recovery. Also, aside the default recovery which usually has limited features, we have customised recovery images made by other developers which comes with more features;- twrp, which happens to be one of the most used custom recovery.

TWRP is an open source, community project. TWRP development is done by roughly 4 people at this point. We also have a large support community with many people who are willing to answer questions and help people with their devices either through our IRC channel or on forums like xda-developers.
Read more here

Twrp for some Alcatel


TWRP IDOL 3[6045]




ALCATEL OT POP 3(5)[5015]

Flashing TWRP 

The above twrp image files can be flashed via fastboot mode. You can check the guide here

Wednesday, 14 November 2018


To all our dear visitors, this is to inform you of recent developments on MOBIPROX. We just launched another sub domain on Android stock roms. MOBIPROX ROMS will be dealing with stock roms for mostly; Samsung Androids, Samsung clone, MTK Androids like Itel MTK, Tecno, etc, Spreadtrum Android devices like Itel and KImfly. We also have a whole collection of Huawei stock firmware.

For the time being, we have made available only stock firmware for few devices, but will keep on upgrading with time.

Hurry up and check it out. Firmwares will be added on daily basis and you can makle a resquest for a stock firmware, and we will do everything possible to upload, or better still refer you to and external site where you can download it.

Please, bear in mind that the stock firmware we provide may not necessarily work for your device, so you downloading and using them our solely your responsibility for what ever outcome. But we will always be there to assist you if you encounter any problems.

Sunday, 9 September 2018


Get all available Itel stock roms from our blog and flashing instructions from our flash tools  blog to repair your bricked device. Most Itel Androids are spd and we have made available tutorials on how to flash them using different tools. Racent Itel devices are mostly MTK like the itel S-series.

itel Mobile, established in 2007 in Hong Kong, is a major player in mobile handsets worldwide. Over the past decade, the brand has specialized in mobility solutions. Since its inception, the brand has spread its presence in more than 45 countries across the globe. In 2016, itel sold a landmark of 40 million handsets, keeping the NO.1 sales volume in Africa for the second year and claiming the top 3 mobile brands in Africa.

Link to roms and flashing guides

  • Get all available firmwares for itel Android devices here
  • Flash tools and guide for spd androids from here


Tecno roms
Since we are devoted to providing Android system repair guides, providing Stock roms should be one of our top priorities. And for that reason, we have made available a collection of Tecno Firmwares in our blog.
All provided stock roms are tested and qualified 100% working, but that does not implies we will be responsible for any negative impact any of these roms may have on your device. You downloading and using them is for your own good and risk.

Flashing guises for mtk Androids is are also provided.
Feel free to request any firmware and leave us a comment if you encounter any problem with a particular firmware form our blog.

Our blog link to Tecno firmwares.

All available Tecno roms or firmwares can be found in our blog;- mobiPROX BLOGSPOT, and flaashing guides. 

  1. Get your Tecno roms here
  2. Our blog for flash tools and flashing guide here


It has been quite for some times since we started enjoying free internet with Orange Cameroon and Camtel Cameroon using some tweaks.
And of late, we posted and article on our blog on how to get free internet with Orange CM using one among the many VPNs that are working with orange and Camtel as well. In the article we published, we used Anonytun vpn and a special bundle to get unlimited free surf at a very small cost.

VPN to get free surf with Orange and or Camtel.

Anonytun vpn


Just as most vpn are meant to bypass restrictions to accessing certain website in some Countries, the possibility of tweaking it make it very easy to use vpn to get free internet via particular leaks in your local ISPs or via special bundles.
Anonytun is a vpn with a very simple user friend interface and permits you to use stealth tunneling over HTTP, TCP and SSL protocols. Anonytun does not require any form of registration and has very fast servers in different locations. For how to configure and use Anonytun to get free net with Orange, please visit our blog.

HTTP Injector.


HTTP Injector is one of the vpn that one can use to get free internet with both Orange CM and Camtel, and probably in different Countries provided you happen to find a working host for your custom payload, and an open proxy:port. 
HTTP Injector works as an universal SSH/Proxy/SSL Tunnel/Shadowsocks client to help you access blocked websites behind firewall. Besides that it also encrypts your connection so that you can surf the internet privately and securely.

- Secure your connection using SSH tunnel
- Modify outgoing requests.
- No root needed [Choose between VPN mode or iptables (root)]
- Specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
- Provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses
- DNS Changer
- Build in Host Checker and IP Hunter
- Build in SSH client (Similar to Bitvise)
- Payload Generator
- Apps Filter
- Support Android 4.0 to Android 8.1
- Google DNS / DNS Proxy
- Data Compression
- IP Route
- Battery saver
- Ability to change buffer size, etc

Tunnel Types
- HTTP Proxy + SSH
- SSH Only
- Shadowsocks

Provider Mode
- Exported config is encrypted
- Lock and protect the settings from users
- Set custom message for customer
- Hardware ID lock

How to use:
>> Import config file created by other users (You can find it in your local group/group chats)
>> Open payload generator and press generate (no need to adjust settings) and select one of our server to connect.
 For configurations, please visit our telegram groups or request using the comment box

KPN tunnel revolution.

kpn tunnel rev

What the "Revolution" project/series/edition of KPNTunnel ???

> Continuously project with more experiment and new fresh lightweight style project for KPN Tunnel (Official).
> Pure write from zero for better performance core and better lightweight style.
> First App tunneling through built-in SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Connection. (why ? . i know SSH Tunneling is secure, but we feel it's not enough so we added more secure method with SSL/TLS connection). You can see how to use SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS in "About" of this App.

* Features:
+ Direct Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server).
+ Direct SSL/TLS. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel Directly to SSH Server over SSL/TLS Connection).
+ HTTP Proxy .(Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over HTTP Proxy)
+ SSL/TLS Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel over SSL/TLS Proxy).
+ SSL/TLS Proxy > HTTP Proxy. (Tunneling through SSH Tunnel with TLS/SSL over HTTP Proxy).
+ many more...

Bugs/Issue ?
- Android 4.0 Only support TLSv1 and SSLv3 only (Android System), so your TLS/SSL server must be used/enabled TLSv1 and SSLv3.
- Android 4.1-4.2 TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 not enabled by System Default like Android 5.0+, so we add force enabling TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for more secure update.
- If found other issue(s)/bug(s), please contact me. :)

* Need Rooted Device ?
> Some features is needed like:
+ VPN Tether (bypass all Hotspot Tether through Vpn Interface).
+ and soon we add more features.

* SSH+SSL Server Requiment:
+ If use TLS/SSL mode you must be install and setup the stunnel4 library. you can get the original stunnel4 library in
+ You can search "how to setup/install stunnel4" in search engine like google, yahoo, bing, etc for your OS used by your Virtual Private Server (VPS).
+ In Proxy Type Mode "Direct TLS/SSL" & " TLS/SSL Proxy > HTTP Proxy" please setup stunnel to connect with ssh (dropbear/openssh) server port.
+ In Proxy Type Mode "TLS/SSL Proxy" please setup stunnel to connect with squid port.
+ We Recommended to enable all TLS and SSL protocol version for keep support with android 4.0 until newer, why ? See issue/bugs on above.

* TLS/SSL Client Side (KPNTunnel Revolution App):+ We use method of TLS/SSL Socket using TrustAll Cert (X509 Certificate), so you don't need a client key & cert from SSL Server. I know this method is less secure, so in other version of update we can add support client key & cert for get better secure connection. :)

Request config here.


More working Vpn include;
All configs are availble exclusively here.


A handshake to you
Hello sear friend, it is  to us a great pleasure having you on-board!!. You visit to our website gives us great joy, for this can only mean one thing;- Our work got your attention. For that very reason, we are saying welcome, and looking forth to having you around always.
You are free to ask us anything related to what our website/blog treats and we will be delighted to provide you with a possible solution as fast as possible.

Our blog has always been there!!!

Before we launched mobiprox, we had alread launched our blog;- mobiPROX BLOGSPOT which provides you with awesome tutorials on how to fix some common daily problems you may encounter while using your Android devices. We equally have made available guide on how to unlock certain devices like Android mediatek phones, huawei routers, Alcatel, ZTE...
Premium softwares, firmwares for some devices like; Itel, Samsung, Tecno, Kimfly, MTN,... and some feature phones.

We launched a special zone to discuss on unlocking

MOBIPROX UNLOCK is our site that will treat unlocking issues. We will make available topics related to different devices, and how to unlock them, by so making rooms for our dear visitors to be able to make requests or inquire more about a particular unlock procedure.

Together let's keep moving forward...


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Android repair
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Awesome understandable Android repair tips and tricks at you disporsal. On mobiprox, you can easily learn how to flash different Android devices, perform firmware backup, bypass frp, root and install custom recoveries...

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Network Unlocking
Why use a locked modem?

On our unlock section, mobiprox unlock, we provide you with 100% free unlocking guides and unlock codes for some modems and smartphones. From there, you will learn how to unlock modem types like Huawei, Alcatel Airbox, ZTE modems and some phones...

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100% Working firmware
We provide just the best ROMS

We also strive to provide you with working firmwares. Download 100% working roms and fix boot loop errors or other Android system problems like password, Google protection(frp), baseband error or null imei.

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Download all your favourite cracked boxes like; Miracle box, GSM Aladdin box, GPG Dragon, Miracle eagle eye, NCK Android MTK, and lot more. We also have pro Apps and software on our database just for you.

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