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Most Android users like to have a cool look in their recovery, and will like to customize their Android device. Installing a custom recovery is will come in handy in customizing ones Android with features like; root, custom OS, etc.
With Android being and open source system, the limits to its customization are infinite. Manufacturers only tend to deliver certain unique features to specific devices and that’s just about what a regular user would get. So, if you want to add some more features, customize the appearance of the OS, or want to shift to another firmware altogether, you will need a few things. To start with, you will first have to unlock the phone’s bootloader, which will enable you to install a custom recovery.
Here in this article we will be guiding you on how to install twrp on your Android via fastboot.


For this tutorial, we will be needing;
  1. TWRP for the device in question. You can get twrp from here
  2. ADB + Fastboot in your computer. Get adb+fastboot here
  3. A computer
  4. A USB cable
  5. Drivers for your device.

Why install twrp

Installing a custom recovery in your device;- twrp will enable you to customize your device in the following ways;
  1. Install zip for root or system update.
  2. Make NANDroid backup of your system
  3. Flash stock rom
  4. Restore backup
  5. And much more…

Installing twrp via fastboot

To accomplish this, please follow the guide below.
    1. Download  and install your device drivers.
    2. Download adb + fastboot and extract to a working folder, say C:\adb
    3. Copy the twrp image you downloaded for your device to the “adb” folder.
    4. Open work folder and press SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK, then select open a new command line here
    5. Connect your device to the pc and allow it to install drivers, including adb drivers.
    6. Now go to setting>>Abou Phone>>Build number, and click on it until you get the message “You are now a developer”
    7. Head back to the settings and click on Developer’s setting.
    8. Under developer’s settings, turn it on and activate OEM unlock & USB Debugging.
    9. Reconnect your phone to PC vai usb.
    10. In command line, type the command “adb devices”. You will get a prompt in your device asking to authorize connection. Grant connection. After which you should see your device connection status in the command window.
    11. Next type the code “adb reboot bootloader” this will reboot your device in to fastboot mode.
    12. In Fastboot, use the command “fastboot devices” to verify connection status. 
    13. If devoce well detected, proceed to unlocking your bootloader with the command “fastboot oem unlock”
    14. Next flash twrp image with the command “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img”
NB: You can name the twrp to what ever you want but make sure not to change the extension;- .img.  In our above code, our twrp is names “recovery”.
After following all the above steps properly, your device should now have a custom recovery installed.

Installing twrp via fastboot on mtk devices will format your device, so it is adviceable to make a bckup of your data before flashing.

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